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Conditional Exercise 5

Past Real Conditional / Past Unreal Conditional

Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate conditional form, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
Clarence: Mary, have you ever had a teacher who changed your life or influenced you greatly?

Mary: Yes. But the teacher influenced me in a very negative way. I have always had problems with math, and I think it comes from my seventh grade math teacher, Mr. Harris. He thought girls couldn't do math. When any girl (ask) a question, he always (sigh) and (say) , "Girls can't do math. It's a well-known fact." When a boy (ask) a question, he (smile) and (ask) for his answer.

Clarence: That's terrible! Your teacher actually said that to you?

Mary: Yes. If he ever did let me answer a question, and I actually got it right, he always (say) that it was a lucky guess.

Clarence: Your parents (should, do) something about him. They (could, go) to the principle of the school and complained about the way Mr. Harris treated the girls. If you (be) my child, I (demand) that such an irresponsible teacher be fired.

Mary: You're right! If somebody (force) Mr. Harris to treat the children equally, I (become) more confident in math. His behavior (might, affect) every girl in that class.

Clarence: It might have. I'm glad our children don't have teachers like that!
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