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Articles Exercise 14

Multiple Choice Exercise

Choose A or (/) for "no article" for each blank below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. If you need to borrow a couple of dollars, I have little money in my wallet.

2. The family is so poor that they have little money for food or education.

3. I'm sorry, I can't lend you any money. I just have little left, and I still need to pay for this dinner.

4. Clarence has few friends. He needs to get out and start meeting more people.

5. Mr. Jackson is a VERY busy man. He has little time for such distractions.

6. Cindy is not creative at all. She has few ideas which could really change this company.

7. Laura is really creative. She has few ideas which could really change this company.

8. Tom's business is not doing very well. He just has few clients, and he isn't earning very much.

9. Do you have little time to help me translate this letter?

10. Ned has little interest in running his family's hotel business. He would much rather move to Hollywood and pursue an acting career. He has already made few contacts in the movie industry who might be able to help him get started.
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